AC SERVO MOTOR i90M - More reliable and more efficient
  1. One shot positioning
  2. Highly accurate positioning ± 3°
  3. Powerful operation box function: (Parameters programmable,built-in EEPROM can manage and store the parameters setting.)
  4. Soleniod over current protector.
  5. Low noise and low vibration and low power consumption.
  6. Software / Hardware 2-way protection system.
  7. Multi-positioning mode.
  8. Switching power supply system (160V-280V AC)
  9. Powerful parameter system, easy adjustment and upgradable.
Please click here to download i90M catalog (PDF)






C-60 Operation Box

  1. Stiches are clearly display on the LED.
  2. Start / End back tacking can be set in 1~15 stiches.
  3. Patten sewing can be set in 1~99 stiches.

C-300M Operation Box

C-200 Operation Box

  1. Red LED display, bright and clear.
  2. Start / End back tacking can be set in 1~15 stitches.
  3. Pattern sewing can be set in 1~250 stitches per section, 13 sections max.
  4. Bar tacking can be set in 1~15 stitches, 15 sections max.
  5. Panel multi-fuction key : Definable fuction, 5 functions for selection.
  6. External mounting DC12V LED light available.
  7. Parameter setting fuction.
  8. Built-in memory, save and backup your setting.



  1. Three pedals design for speed, trimmer and foot lifter function.
  2. Smoothly speed change from low to high.
  3. Adopt to standing operation, increase sewing eficiency.



When Ordering, please specify the models of motor and sewing machine respectively.