1. Suitable for the direct type / under the table type sewing machine.
  2. Simple installation, easy operation.
  3. Switching power supply system, safer and better for energy saving.
  4. CPU control, software / hardware 2-way protection system, prolonging the product life.
  5. One-shot positioning and multi-positioning modes, operation is handy and raise your work efficiency.
  6. ECO-circuit design, conform to each safety standard and RoHS directive, less pollution, let us do our part to preserve the environment.
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C-200 Operation Box

Speed Control Unit

  1. Stand-alone design.
  2. Easy installation and adjustment.

7-segment Display

  1. LED bright and clear.
  2. Parameter setting keys.
  3. Function keys.

When Ordering, please specify the models of motor and sewing machine respectively.